Proud to be Portuguese!

The knowledge and flavors that have been with us for over 160 years are the reason we continue to be proudly at your table today. Periquita Original is a story of hard work, dedication and humility. More than just a good wine, it was the idea of bottling and sharing the authentic flavors of what is truly Portuguese that made Periquita a success inside and outside Portugal. The oldest Portuguese table wine, the first to be bottled, a pioneer in the exporting adventure and now an essential companion to a meal or to simple moments of leisure around the world.

But being the first wasn’t enough!

We’ve adapted, we’ve changed and we’ve grown. But never forgetting what led us to make good wines, we’re now a larger family, happy to be able to share with you, with a glass in our hand, the pride of being Portuguese. For many good years to come!